Sigma Kappa

Letter from the Chapter

Letter from the Chapter

A Note from our Vice President of Membership:

Although the recruitment process may seem intimidating, it is a rewarding experience for both potential new members and our sisters! University of Maryland’s PHA community is full of opportunities that can help you grow into your most confident, motivated, and happy version of yourself. I am so excited to show you all what Sigma Kappa at the University of Maryland has to offer.  I can truly say that being a member of the Greek Community at UMD, and specifically a member of Sigma Kappa has changed me for the better and made me into the best version of myself.

Through recruitment, we plan to show potential new members what Sigma Kappa truly is: a group of women who Live with Heart every single day.  Although we are a diverse chapter in many ways, the women in Sigma Kappa share four key values: Service, Friendship, Loyalty, and Personal Growth.  Through our recruitment process, we hope to find future sisters that share those same values. I can’t wait to lead my sisters in this year’s recruitment in order to meet the amazing women taking the first step into UMD’s PHA Community!

Sigma Love and All of Mine, 

Victoria Perre

Vice President of Membership

Email if you have any questions about recruitment or want to learn more about Sigma Kappa!