Letter from the Chapter

A Note from our Vice President of Membership:

Hi all,

I’m Brianna, the Vice President of Membership and the person in charge of all things recruitment for the Beta Zeta chapter at The University of Maryland. Although the world has looked different the past several months, we as a community have been able to adapt to this new normal. During this time, our chapter has faced the same challenges many of you may have, including the needs to overcome adversities whether academic or personal, rekindle connections with one another, and navigate a future with so many unknowns. Sigma Kappa members have continued to support and interact with each other safely and be places of comfort, all while emerging more resilient. 

Many activities are starting to shift away from a fully virtual environment and that gives us hope. With recruitment taking place in a hybrid format this year, it allows us to get to know potential new members in a new way, including a personal connection the second weekend that I know many of us have been looking forward to. After two years of societal disconnect, I encourage you to go Greek to meet new people, build a support system in a new place, and network with other students and professionals. Joining a sorority is a great way to make such a large school have a sense of community and feel more like home.

If you are interested in joining a sorority this spring, have 12 credit hours, and a GPA of at least 2.5 then you should definitely sign up for primary recruitment!

Wishing you the best of luck in all your future endeavors and we hope to see you during recruitment this spring!


Sigma Love and All of Mine, 

Brianna Kearney

Vice President of Membership

Email skbzvpm@gmail.com if you have any questions about recruitment or want to learn more about Sigma Kappa!